Wednesday, July 22, 2009

absolutely aubergine

This is an everyday outfit. I gave you an option with the cardigan, the vest or you could just wear the dress. i wanted an outfit with lots of jewelry so as you can tell i layered the necklaces and heres a tip: if you want to layer your necklaces then you need to make sure that the necklaces are at different lengths and are spaced close to evenly. ex: you don't want a really long necklace and then a really short one- it looks weird. The owl necklace is from forever 21 with the clothing and the rest of jewelry and boots are from anthropology. Another tip: if you have a darker dress like this one and you want to lighten it up, start out with a necklace that is close to a cream or a neutral color and then add on simple but detailed necklaces, if your dress has designs like this one...

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