Monday, July 27, 2009

Flirty Fifties

This outfit can be for many occasions: a wedding, picnic, date, school...etc. Its fun, very flirty and feminine. I love this dress. I love navy and red together with a little accent of turquoise.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

absolutely aubergine

This is an everyday outfit. I gave you an option with the cardigan, the vest or you could just wear the dress. i wanted an outfit with lots of jewelry so as you can tell i layered the necklaces and heres a tip: if you want to layer your necklaces then you need to make sure that the necklaces are at different lengths and are spaced close to evenly. ex: you don't want a really long necklace and then a really short one- it looks weird. The owl necklace is from forever 21 with the clothing and the rest of jewelry and boots are from anthropology. Another tip: if you have a darker dress like this one and you want to lighten it up, start out with a necklace that is close to a cream or a neutral color and then add on simple but detailed necklaces, if your dress has designs like this one...

my life is full of...HAIR!

I love hair!!! I'm in beauty school right now and love it!!! I am attending Avalon beauty school... was known as Earl's beauty school but they recently changed it. I've learned sooo much about hair that i didn't even know!!! And i am still learning things everyday about hair! These pics are some of my very favorite hairstyles...

Sarah Harding... love the pixie cut! even though its boyish- its also feminine. Its really popular right now. Very cute and recommend this style...
Don't know who this is but i love the loose, voluptuous curl. It is a nice, simple, easy hairstyle. This hairstyle can go with anything you wear! Love it!
Again don't know who this is-but I love the beautiful, classic side bun. This hairstyle is remarkable with an elegant, delicate dress for a wedding, the theatre, etc...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Raspberry Delight

This is a flirty floral that is easy for day and can easily be transformed to night attire-all you need are some heels and more jewelry. dress,tank, clutch, headband,and jewelry are from forever 21 and shoes are from anthropologie.

Friday, July 3, 2009

jumpsuit gubilee

i know that jumpsuits are from the 80's but i kinda like them and i think they are cute and they are coming back in style. i know that some of you guys will disagree and think that jumpsuits are despicable -but anyways i paired the denim jumpsuit with a simple t-shirt and basic jewelry with lots of color. The jewelrys from anthropolgie except the earrings they're from forever 21 with the jumpsuit and shirt.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

urban cowboy... Yeeha

this outfit is low key. You can wear this anywhere on a date, walk, to the pool or beach- literally anywhere. This dress, clutch, and straw hat are from forever 21 and the jewerly is from anthropologie and the boots are from piperlime. Tell me what you think!