Saturday, February 21, 2009

hot stuff!

I love this outfit. It has a cute edge to it- but is also feminine

Sunday, February 8, 2009

night out on the town

This look... is for special or fancy occassions because of the dress. The sheer gives the dress a formal look. I like the pattern and the colors of it. The jewelry is nice and simple because the dress is the focus. There is a little blue in the dress and I wanted to play it out -thats why I used a turquise bracelet. I love the ankle boots. The color of the shoes and the clutch brings the outfit together. Now we can't forget the hair. I love dressing up the hair too. you can curl your hair and pin the sides or use a cute head band.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

sweet an sassy

Here is an other look that I love. I love shirts that are tucked in to high waisted skirts. The skirt is beautiful. I love the floral print with the purple flowers. The yellow shirt kind of acts like an accent color towards the skirt. The focus on this outfit is towards the skirt. So to compliment the skirt I added simple jewelry- the bracelet is soft but busy. I like the earrings because it adds some color and the purse is simple. I chose these shoes togive the outfit a little pop.

spring fling

This outfit is more for spring. This dress has a nice floral print that has lots of beautiful colors. The shoes are wonderful. They work perfectly with this dress. I like the headband. It goes with the dress. Since there is a lot of color I did a neutral bag and necklace which balances the outfit out.

cute and casual

This outfit is more casual. I did a cute, simple tank and put it with a funky shrug and with really cute capris that are from forever 21. Since I wanted to keep this outfit simple I kept the color scheme the same. The shoes match the tank and the ring is pretty close to the color of blue on the tank too. The jewelry is mostly gold with a little color here and there. I like the look with lots of bangles- it gives it the laid back look.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

nice an simple

I have adored fashion for quite some time now. Ever since I was young I admired my older sisters sense of style. One of my sisters is hippy rocker and the other vintage classic, I became a mixture of both. I get so excited when it comes to fashion. At school when I walk from class to class, I see cute outfits that inspire me to try new styles and combinations for my clothing. I love fashion. I love how you can see your personality through the way you dress.

Here is my first outfit. I love this dress because of the different colors and pattern. This dress is from forever 21. You can pop this outfit with some nice shoes or you can tone it down with some cute flats. I love the detailing on these Chinese shoes. You can wear these shoes with anything. These shoes are from Piperlime. Because this dress has bold design you want to keep your jewelry simple.

Monday, February 2, 2009

cutie pie

i love the shoe in this outfit. The purse kind of ties this outfit together with the black, pink and light blue.